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“What does the Agile Manifesto say about agile automated testing? We tell you what you need to know."

Bob Kasyno

Katalon Training

Learn everything you need to know about building automated testing frameworks with Katalon Studio and Selenium. Learn how to deliver automated tests in a fraction of the time with more ease than ever.


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Perfecting the Art of Automated Testing

Are you trying to run an Agile project where you’re expected to deliver releases every few weeks? Releases where the delivery is always compromised by lack of regression testing. Releases where you know a well-implemented test automation framework would make the difference!

Finding the right route to successful test automation is not simple. If you’re part of an agile team you know it’s an area you’re weak on. You know that lack of regression testing leaves you vulnerable. You may have already suffered from poor quality releases with humiliating regression issues. Issues that should have been caught by your team but weren’t.

If you’re wondering what you can do to improve your release quality, without derailing your next release, then we’re here to help. Here to help you perfect the art of implementing automated testing.

BDD and Automated Testing


BDD a Glossary of terms


BDD Pros and Cons


BDD and Gherkin


Practical online training for building a test automation framework. A selection of training modules walking you through setting everything up with a common open-source toolset.


Where are you on your automation journey? Find out with this online assessment. Find the clarity you need to confidently move forward to the next level of automation maturity.

Download the free handbook. The handbook that takes you through the 5 critical steps to implementation success. Packed with actionable ideas to ensure your success.


The G.R.I.S.T. Implementation Model

Implementation success comes with applying a proven approach. We’ve taken the term “GRIST" to help you focus on what important. G.R.I.S.T. is an implementation model designed to help you see where you need to take action to deliver the test automation results you demand.

G.R.I.S.T. is an approach that focuses on structuring and overseeing the implementation of automation in the Agile development process. It’s more top-down than bottom-up. More “think through the system" for ensuring agile team engagement upfront. Less “start building things from scratch". More about picking the right tactics to employ once you know what it is you really need to deliver. In short – a little more thought up front and far less wasted effort at the back.

Goal, Strategy & Objectives

Define what you want to achieve. Once you know what you want, you can work out how you’re going to get there and which route you need to take.


Track your progress towards your goal. You might be surprised to find out that we’re not talking about the usual test reporting components here! Tracking implementation progress is critical.


The nuts and bolts. How you construct and implement the technical aspects of your chosen solution that’s designed to meet your objectives.


Test automation is expensive. Whether it’s tools or people, the outlay is significant. Make sure you’re tracking and seeing a return on your investment.


The processes and systems are important. Putting things in place at the start saving you time and effort in the long run. Get this right and larger organisational rollouts become far simpler.

Learn more about Test Automation success with GRIST (five emails over five days – unsubscribe at any time)

The Difficulty With Implementation?

It’s difficult because it’s really a development project. From an implementation point of view, you should be approaching test automation, less as a test project, and more as a development project. To state the obvious:

– Your developers don’t have time to write automated tests
– Your testers are good at testing …. NOT developing!

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Commitment to Regression Test Coverage

When you know that, yet again, you’ve failed to seriously commit to significant levels of regression testing. You know, again, that your agile project demands more commitment to quality.

Again you’ve been asked to focus on the ‘intangible’ task of delivering higher levels of quality in the next sprint. Higher levels of quality with exactly the same amount of resources and just as many stories being shovelled in during the sprint planning meeting. An impossible task!

An impossible task that you know you can solve with automated testing. The thing is you just have no idea where to start. 

As Simple As Flicking A Switch

What you need is a way to increase the odds of your success. An approach that will work. A way to break out of that cycle where quality always ends up at the bottom of the list of priorities.

In the ideal world, you’d want to be adding automated tests as you go. Each build, when you’re ready to regression test, you flick the switch. Regression testing complete. As you go you refine and enhance that process further. You even get to the stage where the flick of that switch is done automatically too.

A Solution

We’re here to help you implement the simplest solution possible to achieve this. To help you deliver a solution that everyone in your team can work with. To ensure engagement, uptake and success in your agile project.

A busyboard is a development board created according to the Montessori method, which includes natural household items for the development of motor skills, sensory skills, the basics of logic and counting. There are countless ideas and options for busyboards, but as they say, “not all bosyboards are equally useful." Click here

We’re here to help you work on implementing:

    1. a solution that everyone in your team can work with
    2. a solution that allows you to add high-quality tests at speed
    3. a solution that delivers a Return On your Investment

If you want to look at the simplest, fastest and most reliable route to implementing test automation in your Agile team then….

Automated Testing – Done For You


You’ll need to find a way of managing the execution and result capture process. More specifically find out how you can control these processes using the popular CI tool Jenkins.

Developers have been following processes for decades to help guide and stabilise the way in which they produce code. Those processes are proven and battle-hardened. These are proven processes that should be applied to the automated test development process too.

In the automated testing domain, one discipline that tends to cause more problems than any other is the test data management process. In this article we look at four aspects of test data management: planning, designing, generating and storage.

More and more agile teams are focusing on release quality. With long to-do lists in each sprint, it’s still too easy to leave quality at the bottom of the list of priorities. How are top-performing Agile teams addressing this?

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