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LeapWork Automated Testing

LeapWork is an advanced test automation platform enabling your agile project team to accelerate the development and execution of the QA test automation process. Take advantage of one of the most advanced solutions for improving your product release quality today.

The fastest way to develop automated tests


Suitable for everyone in your Agile team to use

Built with Agile Team Collaboration in mind


The quickest way to see a return on your automation investment

Integration out of the box with common Agile development tools

The complete Automation platform! Removing complexity
to allow you to focus on developing and executing
automated tests. Improving product quality with ease!

Key Features

Automate Web and Desktop Applications

Designed for both Web applications and Desktop applications, LeapWork is built with the whole software development team in mind. Not just aimed at test automation specialists. Aimed at BA’s, Developers and business users too. So simple and fast to use that you’ll wonder why teams didn’t start automating tests like this years ago.

Integrate with CI and CD Pipelines

Putting the test component on autopilot is key when adding test automation to your Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes. LeapWork slots into your existing pipeline with tools like Jenkins, Jira, TFS, TeamCity and Bamboo. Integration that delivers fast test development and fast execution feedback.

Scale with Data Driven Feeds

Need to drive test with large data sets to ensure high levels of test coverage? LeapWork supports integration with data sets stored in Excel and common DB platforms. The simplicity to build automated tests, matched with the simplicity to connect to data sources, delivers the capability to increase test coverage that’s unmatched by other tools.

Comprehensive Test Reporting

Built in test reports or connect external visualization tools? The choice is yours. The built in reporting capability gives continuous visibility of the execution status in a format that’s both accessible and quickly understandable by the whole of your software development team.

Supports On-Site or Cloud Execution

LeapWork can be deployed in both On-site or Cloud configurations to support your way of working. Are you working within a secure network with applications accessible only on your own network? Deploy LeapWork On-site. Looking for speed of deployment and simplicity of management? Deploy LeapWork in the cloud.

Integrated Version Control

Key to any automated test effort is managing the versions of your Automated tests. Traditional automation tools demand that you setup 3rd party tools like Git or SVN. LeapWork builds in version control to simplify the test development process yet give you the traceability required.

Find Out More about our Plans

Would like to see how much LeapWork can save you in automation costs? Contact us and we’ll send you details about the different plans we offer and show you ways in which Leapwork can improve the speed at which you deploy and execute your automated tests.


What does the LeapWork package contain?

Leapwork comes with three components. The studio that allows you to build and develop automated tests in it’s own graphical environment. The controller which is there to oversee the execution of the tests. And Agents that actually run the tests on the platforms that you need to run your tests on.

Can I integrate LeapWork with Jenkins?

Absolutely. LeapWork is designed from the ground up to support your CI and CD pipeline. Plugging LeapWork into a Jenkins pipeline is as simple as clicking Lego bricks together (well almost).

Do you support Web automation?

Yes. LeapWork is built around the Selenium automation platform giving all the capabilities of a mature and trusted foundation along with the simplicity and ease that our LeapWork studio gives users for building tests.

Do you support Desktop automation?

Yes. LeapWork comes with an object identification engine designed to automate many different types of technology running on windows platforms. Combine Web with Desktop and you have the capability to build tests that cross both platforms too.

" Best automation tool for testers without programming knowledge "

SOS International

" All  of my team can nơ create and troubleshoot automation "

Louis Dreyfus Company

" Extremely versatile easy to use, powerful software. "

Equitable Life of Canada

" Very intuitive, great interface "

Austrian Broadcating Corp

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