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Implementing Automated Testing with Katalon Studio

Intensive, Real World Training for Testers

Katalon Training for Testers

Katalon Studio has been downloaded by over 55,000 small, medium and large businesses and deployed across the globe. Removing the complexities of implementing Selenium and Appium, Katalon provides a layer of functionality that has accelerated the deployment of automated testing for thousands and thousands of software development teams.

The rapid rise in uptake of Katalon Studio for Automated Testing demonstrates the clear demand for an easier way to implement Selenium and Appium. With all the power of Selenium and Appium under the bonnet, Katalon delivers an unrivalled way to implement anything from simple automated tests to large scale organisational wide roll outs.

Our Katalon training course is designed specifically for testers and test automation engineers to show you how to:

Creating Automated Tests with ease using the Katalone Development Platform and IDE

Integration in CI/CD pipelines, the Katalon Execution Grid and Advanced Analytics

Using the Katalon lightweight recording extension for fast test creation

Building on Selenium’s capabilities to develop simple, but robust, web testing solutions

Developing sustainable API tests for REST and SOAP based APIs in CI and DevOps environments

Implementing Desktop automated tests for Windows 10 (New!)

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We run regular Katalon training courses that are designed specifically for testers and test automation engineers. Find out more….

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Who are these courses for?

  • Testers who need to start automating tests and up-skill to move into an automation engineering role.
  • Testers who want to get in to automation but need a proven framework with which to start with
  • Test Automation engineers who are new to Katalon and want to get started as fast as possible

This is a course designed, written and presented by a tester for testers. No airy-fairy theory. Just practical solutions and techniques for every day QA challenges.

“With continuous testing now a key part
of the CI and CD pipeline,
the testers ability
to develop automated tests – FAST – is now
a critical testing skill.”

What you’ll learn

Learn everything you need to know about building scalable automated testing frameworks with Katalon Studio and Selenium. Learn how to deliver automated tests in a fraction of the time and with more ease than ever.

Master the exact same skills that professional test automation engineers use to write tests at speed and with reliability – skills that can lead to significant job opportunities and increased earning potential

Learn how to structure tests in a highly-effective way, and how to apply good architecture practices to aid reliability, maintainability and scalability.


Core Modules: A series of 16 modules with supporting, smartly crafted exercises, to lead you through the core concepts and advanced concepts you need to understand in order to win with Katalon Studio.

Building Blocks: A range of 8 exercises and supporting material covering techniques, tips and tricks for writing automated tests against real world web applications.

Workshop: One day real world workshop designed to walk you through building a full Continuous Testing framework using Katalon Studio, Source Code Control tools and Jenkins.

You’ll find a sample of the core modules below and details about the benefits that undertaking an intense 3 day training course will bring.

1. Katalon Studio

Understand the IDE, core components and structure of Katalon. We’ll explain how Katalon implements Selenium, Appium and Desktop testing within it’s unique project structure and approach to end-to-end testing.

2. Katalon Studio and Web Testing

Develop automated tests for web applications and web sites that deliver functional, integration and usability testing. Everything from simplifying challenges like cross browser testing to parameterised usability tests.

3. Katalon Studio and API Testing

Create automated tests for API’s covering both Soap and Rest. You now have the ability to test down from the presentation layer, through your API’s to the database layer. All from one tool.

4. Katalon Studio and Mobile Testing

Employ Katalon with Appium to develop mobile tests that will help ensure high-quality delivery of mobile applications. With Katalon we can show you how to cover not just the usual functional tests but interrupt, operational and performance testing too.

5. Katalon Studio and Desktop Testing

New to Katalon is the ability to test a range of desktop applications. We’ll show you how to develop desktop automated tests. Covering setup and configuration through locating elements and building maintainable tests.

6. Katalon Studio and BDD

Learn how to use the native Gherkin editor to create Cucumber-compliant user stories that leverage the automation capability of Katalon yet deliver the requirements clarity provided by Gherkin.

7. Katalon Studio and Data-Driven Testing

Understand how to scale up your automated tests with data sources (like Excel, CSV and databases) that will help you maximise test coverage and increase levels of efficiency.

8. Katalon Studio and Continuous Testing

See how to integrate Kataon with popular source code control, CI/CD, Cloud Services and Test Management tool. Complete the missing piece in your CI/CD pipeline within Katalone Continuous Test capability.

9. Katalon TestOps

New to this suite of products is TestOps. We’ll show you how to improve your test planning, increase RoI and deliver faster feedback within your CI/CD process.

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Do I need to be a Test Automation Engineer?

No. You don’t have to be a test automation engineer to derive significant benefits from Jenkins. Just a little understanding of Jenkins can go a long way towards saving countless hours on application install, configuration management, database test data setup and much much more.


The standard course typically runs for 3 days. We can customise the content and adjust the duration to fit specific requirements if needed.

Other Tools

The core course focuses on integration with Selenium, SoapUi and JMeter. We can customise the course to cover other tools depending on your tool set (for example TestComplete, Post-Man, etc).


You will need to have had a few years experience in a test role to get the most out of this course. However, you do not need to have any test automation experience. No prior knowledge of the tools covered (like Selenium, SoapUi or JMeter) is assumed.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for testers and QA engineers. You do not need to have experience in an automation role to attend this course. If you are already in a test automation role but have no experience of Jenkins, then this course is suitable for you too.


We run regular public courses that anyone can attend. These courses are usually held in London, Manchester and Glasgow. We will often run in other locations too when there is enough demand.


If you have 4 or more people that need training then it is usually more cost-effective to run a dedicated on-site course. On-site courses have more scope for customisation too. Please contact us for details.


Request the latest brochure and we’ll send you the price list for both Public and On-site courses.

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Specific Requirements?

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Public Courses

If you’d like to join our next public course then contact us and we’ll send you the dates, locations and availability details.

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