SpecFlow with C#

SpecFlow with C#

This “Mastering SpecFlow” course is designed to give development teams the essential skills and knowledge needed to deploy SpecFlow effectively in their Agile projects.

Participants will learn how to write clear and concise specifications using Gherkin, the natural language syntax used by SpecFlow. They will discover how to define features, scenarios, and steps that encapsulate the expected behaviour of their software applications. This then leads into deep coverage of how to develop and write the underlying automation code in C#.

The course delves into the core concepts of behaviour-driven development and explores the benefits of using SpecFlow as a collaboration tool between developers, QA engineers, and business stakeholders. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the principles and practices behind BDD and how SpecFlow fits into the Agile development lifecycle.

The course adopts a hands-on approach to teaching SpecFlow and its integration with C#. Participants will engage in interactive coding exercises and real-world examples that demonstrate the interaction of SpecFlow’s behaviour-driven development framework with the power of C#. They will learn how to set up the SpecFlow environment, configure project dependencies, and create step definitions using C# to map Gherkin language constructs to executable code.

Participants will also explore data-driven testing, hooks, tags, and the integration of SpecFlow into continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Whilst some basic coding skills are required we’ll cover all the core design patterns like Dependency Injection, Driver Patterns and Factory Patterns as part of this course too.

  1. Introduction to behaviour-driven development (BDD) and its advantages.
  2. Understanding the fundamentals of SpecFlow and its integration with C# and Visual Studio.
  3. Writing clear and expressive specifications using Gherkin syntax.
  4. Defining features, scenarios, and steps to capture desired behaviour.
  5. Mapping Gherkin steps to automated tests using SpecFlow bindings.
  6. Implementing automated tests using SpecFlow and popular testing frameworks (e.g., NUnit, MSTest).
  7. Executing SpecFlow tests and analysing test results.
  8. Advanced topics in SpecFlow, including data-driven testing, hooks, and tags.
  9. Integrating SpecFlow with continuous integration and delivery pipelines.
  10. Collaborative practices and effective communication within Agile teams using SpecFlow.

This course is ideal for software developers and QA engineers. Business analysts, and product owners may gain from attending but some knowledge of coding will be required. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners who want to enhance their BDD skills, improve their C# and leverage SpecFlow to deployed automated testing solutions.

Participants should have a basic understanding of software development concepts and familiarity with an object-oriented programming language such as C#. Prior knowledge of Agile principles and practices is beneficial but not mandatory.

By the end of the “Mastering SpecFlow” course, participants will have gained the expertise to effectively implement behaviour-driven development and automated tests using SpecFlow, thereby enhancing collaboration, improving software quality, and delivering value to stakeholders.

This course is usually customised to help cater to your teams specific requirements and skill level.

We offer a range of training delivery options. Whichever option you chose we’re always dedicated on delivering an engaging and immersive learning experience.

On-site: we deliver on-site training for organizations seeking a tailored learning experience for their teams. Our expert trainers can conduct the course at your company’s premises, allowing for a highly customized training program that addresses your specific requirements. On-site training promotes team collaboration and fosters a shared understanding of SpecFlow within your organization.

Live Online: we offer live training sessions conducted virtually (usually using MS Teams). Participants can join scheduled sessions where they can interact with instructors in real-time, ask questions, and collaborate with fellow learners. This option combines the flexibility of online training with the benefits of live interaction.

SpecFlow is the popular open-source framework for behaviour-driven development (BDD) in C# with Visual Studio. A solution that enables efficient collaboration between software developers, quality assurance (QA) engineers, and business stakeholders. The proven solution that allows teams to define and automate application specific scenarios using natural language specifications.

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This course has been developed for:

  • Software developers and QA engineers looking to enhance their skills in behaviour-driven development (BDD) and leverage SpecFlow as a powerful BDD framework.

  • Developers and Test Automation engineers looking for a deep understanding of how SpecFlow works and how you can write maintainable and scalable test automation frameworks.

  • Agile team members seeking to integrate behaviour-driven development practices into their software development lifecycle and improve overall project outcomes.

If this is you, you'll benefit from this course's comprehensive coverage of SpecFlow, the detailed look at the automating tests with C# and seeing how to build an enterprise grade SpecFlow test automation framework.